Clearance & Route Restrictions

Temporary Route Restriction Report

Bridge Vertical Clearance List

The statutory maximum height allowed within South Dakota is 14’0″ as stated in South Dakota Codified Law 32-22-3. The only exceptions are for farm machinery operated by a farmer and firefighting vehicles that have no height limitation, and trailers carrying baled hay that has a maximum height of 14’3″.

To exceed this height, a Single Trip Oversize/Overweight Special Permit can be obtained from Highway Patrol Permit Issuing Authorities for $25. The primary Permit Issuing Authority is located at the Sisseton Port of Entry near Sisseton, SD. You can call 605.224.7364 or toll free in-state only 1.800.637.3255.

The Bridge Clearance List contains all of the locations of low clearance on the state highway system within South Dakota. This list can be used to plan movements of over-height vehicles on state highways. This list is to be used for planning purposes only. The State Permit Issuing Authorities possess the list to be used when obtaining an Oversize/Overweight Special Permit.  Power lines and stop lights are not included on this list and are the permit holder’s responsibility to assure clearance.

The vertical clearance is the minimum clearance measured above the through driving lanes. The vertical clearance above the shoulders may be less than the clearance shown. The vertical clearance outside the driving lane edge-lines may be less than the clearance shown. Temporary height restrictions associated with road construction are shown in the far right column in red.

The vertical clearances in this list are provided for informational purposes only. It is a permit holders responsibility to verify the clearances on the route traveled.

MRM refers to mileage reference marker.  This is the method of referencing a location on a highway on the state highway system. MRM’s increase from west to east and from south to north; as one leaves Wyoming on an east-west route toward Minnesota, MRM’s increase; as one leaves Nebraska on a north-south route toward North Dakota, MRM’s increase. MRM’s can be closely correlated to distance in miles; however, this is not always the case. On the Interstates within South Dakota, exit numbers closely correlate to that exit’s MRM location. MRM’s can be seen along the state highways as small green signs with a number on it.