Electronic Screening

South Dakota deployed its first Electronic Screening facility at the Jefferson Port of Entry in September 2004. E-screening allows participating motor carriers to have their vehicle weighed, and have safety rating and credentials checked as they enter the ramp to the port.

If all is in order, they will most often receive a green light signal in the cab and can proceed back to the Interstate without stopping at the scale and weigh station. If a problem is detected with the truck, the transponder displays a red light, indicating the driver must pull into the weigh station.

The system also has a random sampling feature, so any participating truck can expect to receive an occasional red light.

Drivewyze PreClear Weigh Station Bypass Program

South Dakota Department of Public Safety has authorized the Drivewyze PreClear bypass program to operate in South Dakota. Commercial carriers and onwer-operators that enroll in the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service are eligible to legally bypass open weigh stations and inspection sites instead of always pulling in, at by-pass rates determined by South Dakota and based upon carrier safety scores and other state-defined prerequisites. Drivewyze PreClear is a software service that uses GPS and cellular communications instead of a transponder and runs hands-free on many brands of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and other in-cab telematics devices, including tablets and smartphones. For more information about Drivewyze, including a full list of compatible ELDs and other in-cab devices, click on the Drivewyze link above.


Click on the link for information and registration forms or to enroll online. Enrolling in NORPASS first allows you to use the transpoder with PrePass & other systems. South Dakota has NORPASS technology in Jefferson, Tilford, and Sisseton Ports of Entry.


For information and enrollment forms or to enroll on-line. PrePass transponders cannot be used with any other systems. Refer to the electronic screening informational brochure above for more information.