International Registration Plan (IRP) or Prorate License

An International Registration Plan (IRP) license allows a trucker to obtain a single license plate for operation in any member jurisdiction. There are currently 59 states and provinces that are members of this plan. For a list of current members and more detailed information about licensing in South Dakota under the International Registration Plan (IRP), click here to see the South Dakota Prorate License Manual (IRP Manual).  You can also click here to learn more about IRP from the South Dakota Department of Revenue. 

As a new trucker applying for an IRP license for the first time, the following forms must be completed and submitted to the address listed below or done online:

  • IRP Application (Done online as Apply for Motor Carrier Account)
  • Agreement to Maintain Records
  • Form to register vehicles (Schedule A/E to register vehicles under account)
  • MCS 150 form (For registering your business operations for DOT, suggest using the online option )
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Checklist to help with getting proper documentation to set up account. This includes proof of residency, which consists of a copy of a phone bill in registrant’s name for the address listed, proof of insurance on the real estate property, or proof of payment of real estate taxes on the described property.  If rented, a copy of the property’s rental contrace/agreement.
  • A current stamp verified copy of Form 2290, Schedule 1 (if applicable)
  • Title work covering the units being licensed (if applicable). Title work consists of the following:
  1. Application for Motor Vehicle Title
  2. Original Title or MSO
  3. Bill of Sale or Purchase Agreement (or one that was completed by seller)

Temporary Clearances

To obtain a temporary clearance, you must complete an IRP application and submit an advanced deposit with the application and all the documents required above.  To determine the amount of deposit required, click here to view the deposit table.

The temporary clearance allows interstate travel in the same manner as a permanent prorate license but is only valid for a maximum of 45 days or until the end of the current registration year.  Once issued, licensing of each unit commences upon the date of issuance of the temporary or until the end of the licensing period.  The temporary cannot be voided once issued and licensing cannot be canceled. 

Forms & Licensing

IRP & IFTA Forms

Forms for licensing under the IRP and IFTA Programs.
The link above to the South Dakota Department of Revenue can also advise how to update your account information.

For more information about obtaining an IRP/Prorate license, please contact:

South Dakota Department of Revenue
International Registration Plan (IRP/Prorate Licensing)
445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3185
Email here
Phone:  605.773.3541

Click here to visit the South Dakota Department of Revenue website for IRP and IFTA.