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Safety Regulations

SAFER - Obtain specific information or a snapshot of your personal safety profile.

DDOT Safety Inspection Instructions

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) - Compliance manuals, safety bulletins, safety news, out-of-service criteria handbook, and other related safety information provided by CVSA.

Complaint Hotline - Submit reports of actual or potential safety violations of the federal motor carrier safety regulations.

DataQs System - The DataQ system is an electronic means for filing concerns about federal and state inspection data released to the public by the FMCSA. Through this system, data concerns are automatically forwarded to the appropriate office for resolution. No data is available from this site.

DOT Auto Safety Hotline - A link to safercar.gov, which is a comprehensive safety site for vehicle owners developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) allowing you to get answers to your vehicle problems.

Federal (FMCSA) Safety Programs - Find the latest information about available safety programs.

FMCSA analysis and information page - Obtain the latest research and analysis information on truck and bus safety.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) - A safety site provided by the United States Departement of Transportation containing information related to vehicle recalls, crash statistics, safety news, and star ratings.