Ports of Entry: Sisseton 605.224.7364 | Sioux Falls 605.224.7364 | Jefferson 605.224.7364 | Tilford 605.224.7364

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To order permits or ask questions about permits:

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Sisseton Port of Entry
Sioux Falls Port of Entry
Jefferson Port of Entry
Tilford Port of Entry


For Other Motor Carrier Questions or Concerns:

Between 8AM - 5PM Central Time call:  Motor Carrier Services Headquarters in Pierre - 605.224.7364


Other Contact Numbers:

South Dakota Highway Patrol Headquarters - Pierre - 605.773.3105
South Dakota Department of Transportation (SD DOT) - 605.773.3265
South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles - 605.773.3541
South Dakota Department of Revenue - 605.773.3311
South Dakota Driver Licensing Program - 605.773.6883 or 1.800.952.3696
SD Office of Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration - 605.224.8202
E-Mail the DMV - send an email to the Division of Motor Vehicles pertaining to Interstate (IRP) licensing, Intrastate commercial licensing, or fuel tax questions